Abstract submission guidelines

Ways to participate

Participation is possible both live and online.

Online participation is only possible in the form of a presentation as described in Author guidelines.

The conference language is English.


Live Presentation / Online Presentation (15 min)

Presenting at a conference is a core part of scientific communication for any researcher or academic. Oral sessions (live and online) will be 60-minute live sessions moderated by a chairperson.

For authors who cannot attend the conference in person, the pre-recorded video will be played on-site by the session chair in the corresponding oral session. Authors participation will be remote, online, for Q&A.


Poster (60 min)

Poster presentations are organised as poster sessions. Poster sessions belonging thematically to the same topic are organised in separate poster areas. In general, a poster board is reserved for each poster with a clear dimension listed in instructions for authors.

The display time is the time for the actual display of all posters in a poster session or in a group of sessions and is provided in the conference programme. Authors are asked to put up their posters as soon as possible and to take them down as late as possible, to enable conference participants to view their posters any time within this timeframe.

If necessary, participants will be provided with support during poster presentation in English language communication.
It is not possible to participate with a poster presentation online.


Workshop (60 min)

The workshops should be designed to present research and practical applications within the framework of one of conference topics.
The workshop should have a strong focus and leave participants with greater awareness, a skill, network, or course of action. It should be interactive and creative, allow participants to move around the room or collaborate, show cultural sensitivity in the way topics are approached and end with an opportunity for participants to connect with the speaker and each other.

The workshop proposal can come from an individual author or a group of authors.


Roundtable (60 min)

Roundtables are designed to bring together scholars interested in a particular theoretical, substantive or methodological issue. Roundtable discussions will showcase recent advances, summarize current discussions, and stimulate new research directions relevant to the focal issue.
Roundtable presentations provide the opportunity for conference attendees to get together in an informal setting and examine issues related to common interests. They allow for extended discussion within a small group. Roundtables are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and meeting colleagues with similar interests.


Symposium (90 min)

Symposia focus on empirical, conceptual, historical or methodological research in the applied research or basic research domains and require data attachment.

They should be prepared as a focused session in which speakers present a common theme, issue or question of relevance.


Suggested symposium structure:

  • Introduction – chairperson provides a brief introduction to the session,
  • Presentations – 5 individual presentations,
  • Q&A – questions from the audience,
  • Conclusion – concluding remarks from the speaker.

It is strongly encouraged that speakers closely collaborate to provide new and non-overlapping presentations. Symposia should present two or more subtopics within one of the specified conference topics.

Symposia are organized by a chairperson who also moderates the session.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline March 8th, 2023
Abstract acceptance notification March 9th, 2023